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Time Room A Time Room B
4:30 PM Shortie Team Ballet Tech 4:30 PM New Baby Acro (3-5yrs.)
5:30 PM Jr. Sr. Team Ballet 5:30 PM Mini Team Tech
6:30 PM Mini Team Ballet 6:30 PM Jr./Sr. Team Tech.
7:30 PM sr. Team Jazz 7:30 PM Mini/Jr. Team Tap
8:30 PM Sr. Team Contemp 8:30 PM Jr. Team Contemp

Time Room A Time Room B
4:30 PM Tap "alligator Stroll" (5-7yrs.) 4:30 PM Ballet "You'll Be In My Heart" (5-7yrs.)
5:30 PM Hip-Hop "Break Your Heart" (6-8yrs.) 5:30 PM Acro "Mortal Combat" (8-10yrs.)
6:30 PM Hip-Hop "Freeze" (9-11yrs.) 6:30 PM New Jazz (9-12yrs.)
7:30 PM Teen Acro 7:30 PM Acro "Matrix" (9-12 yr.)
8:30 PM Teen Contemp 8:00 PM Booty Barre

Time Room A Time Room B
4:30 Jr. Team Jazz 4:30 Ballet "My Magic Tutu" (3-5yrs.)
5:30 Team Cheer 5:30 Acro "Welcome To The Big Top" (6-9yrs.)
6:30 Flip Team 6:30 Hip-Hop "Hokey Pokey" (7-10yrs.)
7:30 Mini/Jr./Sr. Team Hip-Hop 7:30 Teen Jazz "Swing With Me"
8:30 Teen Hip-Hop "Fancy"

Time Room A Time Room B
4:30 Mini Team Jazz 4:30 Shortie Team Jazz
5:30 Mini/Shortie Team Hip-Hop 5:30 Young Local Team Jazz (8-10yrs.)
6:30 All Team Acro 6:30 Young Local Team Ballet (8-10yrs.)
7:30 Teen Hip-Hop 7:30 Local Team Jazz
8:30 Adult Hip-Hop 8:30 Local Team Ballet/Contemp

Time Room A Time Room B
4:30 New Hip-Hop (5-7yrs) 4:30 Ballet "Lullaby"(9-12yrs)
5:30 Acro "Rock This Party" (9-12yrs.) 5:30 Hip-Hop "Run The Night" (8-11yrs.)
6:30 Hip - Hop "Hands Up In The Air" (8-11yrs.) 6:30 Jazz VI "Something Like A Party" (9-12yrs.)
7:30 Cheer "Stars" (10-13yrs.) 7:30 Tap V "Working Day & Night" (9-12yrs.)

Time Room A Time Room B
8:00 Zumba
9:00 Tap "Me & My Teddy" (4-5yrs.) 9:00 New Baby Tap (3-5yrs.)
10:00 Acro "Won't Grow Up/No Strings" (4-5yrs.) 10:00 New Baby Acro (3-5yrs.)
11:00 Tap "Itty Bitty Pretty One" (5-7yrs.) 11:00 Tap "Funky Y2C" (6-8yrs.)
12:00 Acro"Tiki Room" (5-7yrs.) 12:00 Acro "Super Heroes" (6-8yrs.)
1:00 Tap "Goodie Goodie" (7-9yrs.) 1:00 Cheer (6-9yrs.)
2:00 Acro "love Bots" (7-9yrs.) 2:00 Ballet "A Dream Is A Wish" (7-10yr.)
3:00 Hip-Hop "Drop It Low" (7-10yrs.) 3:00 Jazz "Dance With Somebody" (6-9yrs.)

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